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Cabell's: The journal whitelist'
In this panel, presented at 2016 AACSB ICAM, experts from across the entire landscape of academic publishing explore the latest movements in scholarly communication in combating predatory publishing. The panelists, in order of appearance, are:
Kathleen Berryman Senior project manager at Cabell's
Rick Anderson Associate Deam for Scholarly Resources and Collections at the University of Utah
Simon Linacre Executive Publisher at Emerald Group Publishing
Wim Meester Head of Product Management, Scopus at Elsevier
David Moher Editor-in-chief of Systematic Reviews, senior scientist at Ottawa Hospital Research Hospital
Jeffrey Beall Scholarly Communications librarian and associate professor at Auraia Library at the University of Colorado, Denver
How to spot a wolf in sheep's clothing:
Session on deceptive & predatory publishing at 2016 AACSB ICAM
Cabell's / Emerald Group Publishing'
Getting published is the mainstay of a researcher’s career path. Developing a portfolio of published works opens doors to funding, increased visibility within the respective discipline and career advancement. With the millions of papers submitted every day for journal consideration, what do editors look for when considering what they will, or will not, publish? In this free webinar, Simon Linacre, executive publisher, Emerald Group Publishing provides an overview of the academic publishing process and what you need to know about preparing your article for submission that will increase its odds of publication.
Publish Not Perish:
How to improve your chances of
getting your research published
Cabell's Metrics: An introduction
Cabell's offers a suite of metrics to empower our users to make quick and informed decisions. Derived from raw citation data licensed from Scopus®, Cabell's metrics use statistical algorithms to create powerful perspectives for evaluation.
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