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Rapid Technical Review
Magnifying glass laying on a book Under the Rapid Technical Review service, our experts panelists, all of whom have a keen understanding of the publication process, review the paper to flag most major reasons for rejection even before submission to the target journal. This service has been designed to closely resemble the peer review process understaken at major high impact journals and will maximize the author's chances of receiving favorable comments from the journal editorial team. The rapid turnaround time of the assessment allows authors to revise their manuscripts and still meet aggressive publication deadlines.
This service includes
  • Comprehensive and objective evaluaton
    Our experts prepare a manuscript assessment report with the help of a detailed and incisive questionnaire that includes questions covering all aspects of the manuscript, from evaluating the study design to a commentary on the literature review.
  • Specific technical input
    Our experts apply their knowledge of the field and their publishing experience to assess every angle of the research and help improve the overall quality of the manuscript.
  • Actionable recommendations that improve the manuscript
    Our experts do not stop at reviewing the manuscript critically. For every problem identified, they also recommend a corrective action. They also list their suggested revisions in order of importance allowing the author to focus on the most critical issues during revision.
Pricing and Delivery Speed for Rapid Technical Review
$500 | 1 week Order Rapid Technical Review
Cabell's Metrics: An introduction
Cabell's offers a suite of metrics to empower our users to make quick and informed decisions. Derived from raw citation data licensed from Scopus®, Cabell's metrics use statistical algorithms to create powerful perspectives for evaluation.
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